Driving in style

Of course if you are going bare yourself to the world you should do it in style. And if you literally want to blow your hair back the Cape Cobra has to be one of the most thrilling topless cars around. It's no surprise that the Cobra is rumoured to be the reason that the UK introduced speed limits back in the 1960s.

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Our services

  • Bespoke route planning
  • Full or part day
  • Personalised chauffeur Cobra Tour around Cape Town
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Self drive

  • R2,900 per day - 130 kms included per day
  • R7 per km excess mileage.
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Should we have to deliver your Cobra hire to you or collect your Cobra within:

  • Cape Town and City Centre, a fee of R500 will apply one way. Should we have to deliver as well as collect then a fee of R1000 will apply.
  • For delivery and collection of your Cobra at the Cape Town Airport, a fee of R650 will apply one way, for both delivery and collection a fee of R1300 will apply.
  • For all other delivery and collection, rates will be quoted for.
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One of our associates does unbelievable detailing on cars, his mentor is a chap from Switzerland, previously contracted to do the detailing on many marque cars. We have acquired his services and are making it available to you.

Many times, almost all of the time, the success of any Cobras appeal, lies in the detail. If you want your Cobra to stand out from the crowd, then go ahead and book your detail discussion session with us.

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The appeal of the AC Cobra has for decades dazzeled its admirers and even today, all over the world, it has a large following and is revered as one of the best classics ever build. It is the ideal convertable sports car for those perfect photo shoots.

Our film shoots are only R3,250 per day. Go ahead and book your Photoshoot today.

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Inevitably, as time goes on, you will find Cobra enthusiast upgrading their Cobras. We will be glad to assist you. Our modifications cover all aspects of the Cobra, such as, engine upgrades, tweaking, add ones, gearbox repairs or upgrades, body work, upholstery and so forth.

We also provide a service to store your Cobra for a low rate of R950 p/m.

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What a great way to make a GRAND entrance at the matric dance. We guarantee you that you will be the talk of the town and be envied by all you fellow matrics. Long after the dust has settled, you will be remembered as the one with the hot sports car.

We provide the driver and the fuel is included at the low cost of R3,250 within 50kms of Cape Town CBD. Go ahead and book your matric dance Cobra today.

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Handles like a kitten
and roars like a lion

The leather seats, the flawless shiny paintwork, the two distinctive racing stripes down the middle... Make it in pink and add an auto-lipstick fandangle in the dashboard and you'd have Penelope Pitstop whimpering with longing. And it's not just easy on the eye. It also handles like a kitten with an unfeasibly throaty roar and a tad more oomph in its 5.7l engine than the standard hire car.

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